Mission & More: Committed to the Mission

Building an Impact by Creating Communal Legacy for Generations is a driving force to provide financial resources to redevelop our newly purchased property to better facilitate Christ’s mission. Our giving initiative, is in conjunction with our congregational mission at large, which is rooted in God’s word. Our aim is to cater salvation and the biblical teaching to the world and our congregation. Also, it is our obligation to do outreach and provide community services that support practical non-religious needs; i.e. (mentorship, after school hours tutoring, etc.) Therefore, each member is a minister by whom all are to evangelize the unsaved and meet the needs of the community that they may profess faith in Jesus Christ. 

Our great past has a better future – ICSTL is currently serving the Metro East area of St. Louis with an office in Swansea, IL, hosting worship services in East St. Louis, IL, with a new purchased Cahokia property ready for development. We began our ministry with a public launch in September of 2016 and have seen rapid growth, not just in numbers, but spiritual development! It is our heart and motive to love God and to serve God’s people. We are excited that God called us to partner with Him! With 500 plus connected to this local ministry, we believe God blesses our efforts when we focus on His work to do His will. And a part of that focus is to position ourselves in a resourceful place that lends God’s hand to the people we are called to serve.

Jumping the Hurdles- Impact Church St. Louis is very passionate about the mission of Jesus Christ and being a light to a dark world. There are many places Holy Spirit could have led us to plant and purchase property, but He led us to an undeserved community that has strong passion, great potential, and beautiful people of all variations.  Planting in such a community has its obstacles, poverty, crime, and lack of major development. But we believe God will motivate individuals like you to make a difference! We do not want to limit our impact on communities that need us the most due to financial restriction. Downsizing any efforts in such communities limits our effectiveness, limits our excellence, limits our resources, limits our growth, and limits our reach. But you can help us jump these hurdles!

What Will It Take? –  Creating communal legacy for Generations takes faith and works that reflect true vision, inspiration, and commitment. In order to build an Impact, it takes your investment and not being afraid to do the “big things” in a community.  It takes passionate people like you who are willing to be sacrificial to complete our 2.5-million-dollar project debt free. To begin our project, Impact Church St. Louis needs to raise $750,000 dollars as a minimum lending requirement to begin. Impact Church St. Louis’ building initiative, “Impact Next” is a vehicle of stewardship that asks everyone to do three things:

1) Be in Prayer– Ask God, “What is my committed to your Kingdom and it’s work? How much should my/our financial commitment be to Impact?”

2) Your best Effort- As you are patient and prudent, God wants your best. Your sowing takes pride and belief in vision for our community.

3) Commit to Commitment- Partner with Impact in a way that truly reflects what you and your family are capable of. Your commitment makes creative change!