Frequently Asked Questions


Should I redirect my regular giving to help build an Impact?

This would not be preferred; your regular giving is to support the everyday needs of ministry at Impact Church St. Louis. Giving to Impact Next is your sacrificial effort beyond your regular giving to help support the need to build a lasting impact in the Cahokia community.  

Do we know how much debt the church can afford, and what is a safe monthly mortgage?

Yes. We do. Considering lending rates, consolidation of East St. Louis and Swansea locations, and current financial stamina, we’ve mapped out our ability to remain under the thresholds of financial pressures and strains and with making proper adjustments to feasibility studies.

Will our current sites remain open?

No. Under the current plan we would consolidate all other location to our Cahokia Campus. This does not mean we are not interested in location expansion. It simply means we have become laser focused on serving the Cahokia community.

Will we have the ability to expand for future growth?

Yes. Our current location 100 East 5th St. in Cahokia, IL gives us the ability for building expansion and community expansion.

What happened to prior seed monies?

Seed monies given went to the purchasing of the property, meeting state and federal regulation, minor upgrades for the up-keeping of the property, and for the savings of the entirety of our project.

Why do we have a Kick Start offering in 2021?

In spite of 2020 slowing some financial progress due to the pandemic and virtual meetings only, God has been amazing. It is our responsibility to re-initiate and again inspire the momentum from a unique year and unique circumstances. This is our time to settle back in and begin with an even stronger pathway to our success!

How do I financially contribute?

There are several options for giving. You give directly through our website, mail in options (cash or checks), over the phone during office hours, or in-person by card swiping.

How do I receive my pledge card?

By calling our office, email request, or contacting a member of the Impact Next Campaign Staff, we will be more than welcome to accommodate your request for a pledge card by mail or in-person.

How long do I have to fulfill my pledge requirements?

We are attempting to complete all momentary requirements by 2024. We will use quarterly benchmarks to gauge individual progress.

Can I pledge more than once?

Absolutely! If you have fulfilled your pledge, we welcome you to pledge again! We have a desire to sow bountifully so that our progress is maximized in redevelopment efforts.